But First, Coffee

Stop-motion animation

A study of the impact of urban regeneration and (pre-)gentrification on a lesser-known London community, using stop-motion to communicate the idea that “Places are never ‘finished’ but always ‘becoming’”(Cresswell, T. 2004). 

Each image is formed using coffee grounds, a symbol of physical and economic stimulation, in response to the concept that “The entry of a coffee shop into a location provides a signalling function to other types of investors…that this neighbourhood has now arrived and is now open for business in a way that it was not before.” (Kohli, S. 2015).

The short film incorporates audio from interviews that were carried out with residents of Catford, in the Borough of Lewisham, where I focused my study. These offer insights into the community and add a documentary layer to the film. 

© Alanna Freeman 2016